2017 Crystal Ball Gazing: Trends, Styles and Releases

Putting together a “what I had that was good in 2016” list is significantly easier than a “what I’m hoping for in 2017” list, but I came up with a couple things that I hope to see happen here as we enter The Darkest Timeline. I’ve come up with one good thing I want to see, and one bad thing I want to see go away. Is that fair?

A Bad Thing That Will Hopefully Go Away:

Guys, I’m tired of gose. I was marginally excited by the resurrection of a nearly-dead style when it first glimmered on my radar in 2015. But man – has there ever been a style of beer that went from “almost extinct” to “poorly overdone and bastardized beyond recognition” faster than gose?

via Guys Drinking Beer http://ift.tt/2iJWI4B

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